Few details on the configuration of the wireless WIFI camera
2017/4/9 18:47:40

With the rapid development of science and technology, network coverage is also getting higher and higher. Civil monitoring should be covered with the network, the demand continues to grow.Wireless WIFI cameraAs the main equipment of civil monitoring won the user's favorite. The comet monitoring Xiaobian explain in detail some small details.


Comet HX-I2110T2

1, the configuration must pay attention to the WIFI name and WIFI password can not contain Chinese or other special characters.

2, any one wireless WIFI camera can only use a mobile phone pairing once, another mobile phone needs to add this machine, you can scan through the two dimensional code, local area network search, directly enter the ID number of the way. If you change another wireless network, you need to reset the camera and then re use the phone configuration.

3, if the phone APP device list already contains the serial number of this machine, as long as the configuration of the camera reply to hear the dialogue success can be.

4、Wireless WIFI cameraInsert the card, WIFI has been configured, first set the time and date, the domestic general Beijing time, re entering the SD video, formatting the memory card, SD card status display SD card format, the general format card to 20-30 seconds to return, then set into the SD card, SD card inserted state display on the SD card, the sound recording, video recording and video coverage of selected timing. (if you don't have a good time, you can't find the video after you set it up.

The above four points just little attention, if there is a problem with time, can contact the comet monitoring client 400-8080-881. Or concerned about the Xingda science and technology in, the public number.


Mobile phone control HX-I2110T2

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