Use Netcam software wireless WIFI camera in the end what are the advantages
2017/4/9 18:49:01

Wireless WIFI cameraThe popularity is very fast, basically have the WIFI network family are installed, there are still a lot of network do not want to install. Manufacturers in Shenzhen to the outside, there are professional manufacturers, there are other rental counter assembly workshop. The software platform for wireless WIFI cameras on the market is also not the same. The comet monitoring small wireless WIFI camera netcam software platform to do a detailed explanation.


The comet robot using netcam platform software

1, support Onvif protocol: netcam software platformWireless WIFI camera,Is to support the onvif protocol, can be docked with the network hard disk video recorder (NVR), you can make the video storage time longer.

2, the use of simple wireless WIFI camera netcam software platform, use simple, Download APP, add equipment can be used, unlike other software platform must be registered with the account to use the mobile phone or other.

3, can be used to add more users: there are some wireless WIFI camera only a single user to use, that is, a camera can only use a mobile phone to use. And the use of netcam platform software camera, you can add more users, a device can be viewed at the same time four users, the computer client can support 64 screen viewing.

4, the phone can be video: a lot of wireless WIFI camera, video camera in the camera's memory. Netcam platform software of the camera, can be directly recorded in the phone inside the video.

5, one key configuration: netcam software platform camera configuration is convenient, through the wireless WIFI or sound wave can be a key configuration. Some have to go through the camera to scan the two-dimensional code on the phone, or through the radar scanning way to carry out, the configuration program numerous lock.

This simply means that the 5 advantages of wireless WIFI camera, if you need to know the details of our products, please contact customer service 400-8080-881 monitoring and the comet.


Netcam software boot screen

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